First  Appearance

Kyrio a bojutsu ninja of the S.O.F mercenary group was adopted by a dojo master by the name of Mizu Senshi along with his brother Kasai years ago. Master Senshi was a master of many fighting styles and taught Kyrio the underestimated Bojutsu martial art. Kyrio a special individual who posses the elements of lightning through out his body from an unknown source. Being raised by his sensei, he was taught how too control his powers from getting out of control. 


Yamanashi mountains




Kyrio Kervano

Real Name


With the lightning elements imbued in him. Kyrio is an bojutsu master that allows his lightning element to enhance his staff, and open palm martial art skills. Kyrio can enter a rage mode and becomes engulfed in electricity causing him to levitate and move very fast recklessly. His rage mode empowers him greatly but weakens his technique which leaves him vulnerable with low defenses.


Created By

Andre Taylor and Chaz Dowdell


Kyrio is a master at the martial arts bojutsu, elemental infused strikes and abilities, superhuman agility and strength.